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Associated Companies  

1) Thai Preserved Food Factory Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of "Wai Wai" and "Quick" brand instant noodle and rice vermicelli. Founded in 1972, the company has a large market share in instant noodle industry in Thailand and was the proud recipient of the Prime Minister's Export Award.

2) Thai Maxwell Electric Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of transformers, air compressors, hydraulic lift forks, power generators and conditioners since 1979.

3) Modern Ceramics Co., Ltd.

Producer of international standard electrical porcelain insulators for electrical power lines and transformers since 1987, and supplier to governmental Electrical Authorities of Thailand.

4) Monthon Property Co., Ltd.

Developer of high quality residential housings with recreation facilities and other commercial projects since 1987.

5) Thai Paper Mill Co., Ltd.

Manufacturer of corrugated paper and cartons in a modern facility acquired since 1996.

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